ULTHERA Non-Invasive Facial Lifting & Tightening


Face Lift without Surgery

Getting age and sagging skin. It is something we cannot avoid; however, advance medical technology makes us fight against gravity. The SIB Clinic ensures that we can make your face lifting and look youthful.

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What is Ulthera?

It is an innovative facelift without the need for seamless wound dressing using high frequency ultrasound waves. Transferring to the subcutaneous layer to the joints of the muscle layer, which causes the collagen fibers to contract and lifting up. It also stimulates collagen production so that the ULTHERA is like shooting two in one benefits. In addition to lifting and firming the face also.

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Why you need to do ULTHERA at the SIB Clinic?

  • The SIB Clinic we have innovative medical devices to take care of your skin and solve your problem professionally.
  • We also have experienced aesthetic physician who will treat patients carefully.

ULTHERA Procedures

  • Cleaning face and operation areas.
  • Applying anesthetic cream around 30-45 minutes
  • Physician shooting ULTHERA 30 – 40 minutes
  • The patients can get back after treatment without hospitalization

ULTHERA Expectation Results

  • Facial Lifting, smooth skin
  • Youthful face looks younger naturally
  • Wrinkle reduction noticeably and clear result about 2 months.

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