Facial Design

01 Facial Design

Why do you must do Facial Design at The SIB Clinic?

  • Authentic botulinum toxin
  • Operate by experience physician
  • Remarkable result

Facial Design Procedures

  • Applying Ice Pack in injection area
  • The doctor inject substance into concern area around 10 minutes

Facial Design after care

  • When injected, do not touch the injection site. Because of the distribution of drugs.
  • After 4 hours of injections, do not lie down or lie on your side. This will cause the drug to spread its position.
  • Within 2 weeks after injection, do not drop into the sauna, steam, and laser at the injection site.


น้องเมทัล พริตตี้,MC มาปรับรูปหน้ากับ The SiB Clinic

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